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Some Other info that could help make your visit better.

We've taken the time to gather a bunch of information about our community, and province to help make your visit better, more convenient, and add even more fun to your trip!

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Local Accommodations 

Here is a list of Local Accommodations within a 10 min drive of our venue, their distance, and contact info.

Maritime Inn - Port Hawkesbury (800m)

Phone:  1-902-625-0320

Website:  https://www.maritimeinns.com/

Harbourview Motel & Accomodations/B&B - Port Hawkesbury (600m)

Phone:  1-902-625-3224

Website:  https://harbourviewmotel.ca/

Mackenzie House B&B - Port Hawkesbury (900m)

Phone:  1-902-625-1026

Website:  n/a

Heartstone Inn - Port Hastings (3.4km)

Phone:  1-902-624-2480

Website:  n/a

Capeway Extended stay Lodge - Port Hastings (5.2km)

Phone:  1-902-625-2524

Website:  https://www.google.ca/travel/hotels/Port%20Hawkesbury/entity/CgoI5MrB07COyNoiEAE?utm_campaign=sharing&utm_medium=link&utm_source=htls&ved=0CAAQ5JsGahcKEwj4qZ64xMb_AhUAAAAAHQAAAAAQBg&ts=CAESABoECgIaACoECgAaAA

The Cove Motel - Aulds Cove (7.4km)

Phone:  1-902-747-2700

Website:  https://www.thecovemotel.ca/

Celtic Shores Coastal Inn & Suites - Troy (8.8km)

Phone:  1-902-625-5627

Website:  n/a

Troy Lodge Cottages - Troy (9.2km)

Phone:  1-902-625-1684

Website:  n/a

Chisholms of Troy Coastal Cottages - Troy (13km)

Phone:  1-902-625-3285

Website:  https://chisholmscottages.com/

Things to See & Do in Cape Breton

Not just another pretty place. Here, you’ll find a lifetime of adventure packed on our 175-kilometre-long Island. Iconic topography gives way to a living history, where each cove and inlet reveals welcoming communities, distinct cultures, stunning wilderness, and more of the story

 Here is a full list of the 2024 sponsors (will be updated as confirmed)

FYT Supplies

East Coast Credit Union Port Hawkesbury

Easy Home Port Hawkesbury

BareInk Tangancicuaro

 Here is a full list of our other supporters (will be updated as confirmed)

BaRyKin Cafe and Bistro/ BaRyKin Breakaway

Doolys Billiards Room Port Hawkesbury