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Artcon's's menu of painting services is certain to impress – from home to business paint jobs, we do it all. We also do wallpaper hanging, plastering, skim coating, popcorn ceiling removal and application, wood staining, water damage restoration, and power washing.

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One of our Certified Remodeling Consultants will meet with you, at no charge, to find out what your needs and wishes are. Once decisions have been made and a schedule is laid out, you'll want to think about preparing your home for the work. If your place is currently furnished, protecting your furniture and other belongings must be done before we begin, to avoid damaging anything. We suggest packing up all your books, picture frames, and other items that may get in the way or otherwise be exposed.

Artcon's team can also assist you in the preparations. We will use construction paper or masonite to cover your floors, and we can also apply blue tape, which has a special adhesive that won't pull off or chip the paint when removed, to protect areas that will be painted later.


Depending on the age of your property, your walls may need more or less work to create a smooth, clean look. Many homes or apartments from the 1940s have solid plaster walls, which have been painted over and over again. If this is your situation, your walls will most likely need plastering. If your building was built after the 40s, chances are your walls are sheetrock, an easier medium to work with.

If you want your walls to look new and flawless, skim coating is what you'll need. An expensive and time consuming process, skim coating involves applying a coat of plaster over the entire wall surface, allowing it to dry over night, then sanding that surface and applying another coat of plaster. Many times, three or four coats of plaster are needed for a perfect look.

Another option you have is to just scrape, sand, and plaster only where paint has peeled or the wall has cracked. This won't give you as nice or as perfect of a look as skim coating, but it takes less time and costs less. Your budget and how important a flawless look is for you will determine which plastering method to use.



Trimming Brush

Trim includes the crown and base moldings on your walls, the wood or metal that frames your windows and doors, any built-in furniture or radiator covers, and the windowsills. The older your apartment is, the more likely these areas will need work. They may currently be damaged or have chipped paint.

For a really new look, you might need to replace the trim in most or all areas. If your trim isn't that old or damaged, you may be able to get away with just repairing problem areas here and there, and then sanding, priming, and repainting the rest. If you're lucky enough to have the old fashioned wooden moldings or window frames, often detailed and beautifully constructed, and you want to keep them, you could have them stripped and then refinished. But you should know that this is intensive and expensive work.


Painting Primer

Applying a primer to your walls is highly recommend, and sometimes unavoidable. Primer acts like a glue, and it helps hold the paint to the walls. If you did any wall repairs, or if you want to paint a lighter colored paint over a darker color, then you must apply primer. But even if you're walls didn't need repairs, or your painting the same color that was there before, we still suggest priming the surfaces for longer-lasting results.





We have had Zibby do three major painting contracts in the past couple of years. He has been a pleasure to deal with: he is conscientious, reasonably priced, trustworthy and meticulous. We have been delighted with his work and can recommend it without hesitation.
Robin and Susan Elliot
Vancouver BC.


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